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Thread: What to buy - Sony SR37 vs SR75

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    Default What to buy - Sony SR37 vs SR75

    Hello. First post to the forum. I want to replace my miniDV 4:3 camcorder for a widescreen, and thinking of going down the hard disk route. Only standard def required. Am I correct in thinking that the quality is better with HDD cameras, compared to their SD cousins?

    So I was set on getting the Sony SR75 when the SR37 caught my eye. The 75, according to the Sony website is a 'previous' model, while the 37 seems to be current. The newer 37 is smaller, has better battery life, better optical zoom so why is the 75 priced higher? Am I missing something? Is there some quality issue.

    Any help much appreciated - Martin

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    I purchased this Sony DCR-SR 75 because I wanted the long record time and the nightshot feature for my hobby and I'm a Sony camcorders fan. There is only really one problem I have had with this camcorder is that it does not have a mic jack socket which is a big disadvantage if you, like me, make short films and use a radio mic. You can read more reviews, compare both and might as well check other sony camcorders before you decide.
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    Cynthkeener - forgive me for editing the link to a commercial site in your post.

    Removing it doesnt change the content of your post. The site currently has a curse of people posting suss links just as they join the forum. I dont think yours is a spam but I tend remove such links just in case.

    Hope this is cool.

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