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    Hi guys I am a noob as far as video editing goes and in need of some advice after failing to find a definitive answer using google. My current pc seems incapable of editing video, it crashes everytime i try to import some clips, but i really need to do a small amount of editing and finalising. I am using a P4 3ghz, 1gb Ram pc, using onboard graphics which is rubbish. I need to know if i should be investing in a decent graphics cards or more ram, or maybe something else altogether. unfortunately my budget is very limited at present. any helpful advice gratefully received. thanks in advance Leigh

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    Are you capturing standard definition video or high definition video? You'll need a minimum of 2GB RAM for standard def video and 4GB for high def and much bigger hard drives, two is good if you can afford them. Not too sure if the graphics card has any effect on capturing, editing and rendering high def video but you don't need one for standard def video. Is your CPU dual core or single core? If it is single core, an upgrade to a dual core for standard def video or an upgrade to quad core for high def would be very useful. What type of camcorder are you using, if it is mini dv then you need a firewire card installed in your computer. Mini dvd and hard disk camcorder video files don't really cut it when it comes to good quality video as they suffer from too much compression and the codec used is difficult to edit.

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    The cheapest and easiest option is, like Nikosony says, a RAM upgrade. At least an extra GB. If you're using a 32bit operating system (which the vast majority of people are) there's no point in upgrading your system to 4GB, as the system won't see the full amount, so you may as well get an extra 2GB for your money's worth.

    Not sure where you're based, but Crucial are the best bet for guaranteeing compatible RAM for your system. Go to (you can change country if you're not UK based) and download the system scanner to find out what you need.

    DDR1 is more expensive - 70 for a 2GB kit, but DDR2, being the current standard is about 25. It won't do any harm to take your system up to 4GB in total using a 32bit system, it will just only use the first 3.25 - 3.5 GB of it.

    I'd definitely try a RAM upgrade first, and if you've got any left, make sure you have a second hard drive for storing all your video on.

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