Previously, I used a VHS C camcorder and I still have it. I captured old 8mm home films with that camera (displayed it on the wall), but they came out all flickering. I do not have those original 8 mm films anymore. I used Virtualdub to improve the quality, but no major luck. I still have some other films, which I will try to capture frame by frame. That is another story!

I now want to do the following:

Play those VHS C cassettes (I will temporarily install a TV card), using the JVC camcorder.I want to capture it on my PC with the Video Captirix 2008 software that I have just bought. The speed on PAL will therefore be 25 fps. I want to capture with the setting on 15/16 fps on Capturix (because that was the original speed of the 8mm film), because my feeling is the flickering will then be gone.

I am actually totally unsure about all the settings on Video Capturix, especially now I will have an AVI that was captured on 15 fps, but I want to play it at 25 fps (PAL speed).

Having said all that, please help me with my set-up from camcorder to PC to the settings on the Capturix programme. I have the basic guide for Capturix, but it does not help me.

After I have a decent AVI, I will do some sharpening, etc with Virtualdub.

Thanks for any advice/ a tutorial/etc