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Thread: Fan Tribute to a great film

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    A little off topic here. I've just completed my Ip Man tribute video. This is a tribute to the great film that is "Ip Man".

    Act I showcases Yip Man as a humble Wing Chun exponent. Recognized by the people in Fo Shan for his skill and humility, he started to teach the art of Wing Chun which, we know is now one of the most mainstream forms of Chinese martial arts.

    Act II portrays him as an Avenger. This is quite straightforward. His friend Lin was killed by the Japanese for fighting in a 'friendly' spar in a dojo. Yip Man rains his fists upon his enemies in a flurry of pain and fury.

    ACT III defines Yip Man as a National Hero who ignited the unity and nationalism in the Chinese by beating a Japanese general in public. I want to showcase as epic as a fight as possible. Yip Man not only fights physically with General Miura, but in ideology as well. A battle on 2 fronts-physical and spirit.

    I sweated tears and blood for this one. This is the first serious non-anime video I've attempted. Well it ended up being too serious but I wanted to make it work.

    *Please comment on the video. * All useful feedback will help me in my next video and will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    This seems to be a great site. I'm looking forward to posting more videos and contributing some of my *however limited* advice/expertise . LOL
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    I just realised that if you CTRL-UPSCROLL in Firefox, you can enlarge the embeded video at the same time. Neat!

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    Both video have been removed??? whoops...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fingercuff View Post
    Both video have been removed??? whoops...

    Yeah my youtube account got suspended. Tons of uploaded videos gone to dust!

    Word of caution to all. If you have an youTube account banned, DO NOT

    1) Change the email address of any current account to the banned email address.
    2) Login to the Youtube support Community and post using the banned email address

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    Nice video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dheeruyadav View Post
    Nice video.
    thanks. I try to do my best
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    I liked it, but im bias when it come to martial arts, due to have a MA back ground.. I love learning about the history of the arts..

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