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Thread: Letter Box or 16:9 Problems plzzz help

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    Default Letter Box or 16:9 Problems plzzz help

    Hey guys

    Im new to the hole video editing thing but i really wnna put letter box or 16:9 on my shots how do i do this can i download a programe that will do it ??????. My DVC has got a 16:9 opition but every thing i record in it just comes out as normal so that doesnt seem to work>
    Any help would be wicced thans

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    Default oh by the way

    by they way i manly use Ulean Video Studio 7 just if that helps

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    Default problem

    hey i cheakced out that link u put up bit of a problem 1 i don't have that programe that is talked about i tried downloading it and still couldn't find the opitions that is shown on the pics so i think i might have downloaded a diffrent programe. 2) i don't have a DVD player or burner to go with my compter as yet i can however make CVD's has we have a DVD player for every body to use.
    Any other ideas ?

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    Oops, not at my PC, but looking at the guide, I think I may have missed out a step on how to get to the screen - on the screen after choosing your video source, there should be an option to check - I'll take a look tonight.

    If you've gone through the wizard and you haven't got to the clip frame option, click settings, then advanced, then select clip frame.

    You can download TMPGenc from here

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