Hi Im only new to this i have a sony hdr-hc7 it is a NTSC High Def camera ,
Im living in Australia where pal is used ,
I am using a douo core 160 processer?
XP pro with 2 gig ram & with a 350 gig dve (sony vegas 7)
So there is a bit of room & got video card installed
I recorded video in to the comp from camera.

my settings are
( project ) custom templet ( high definition).

(audio )96,kbps44,100hz 16 bit stereo video 30fps 640x480,wmv v9 compression settings for hq video play from( cd rom )
this in not shure about ?

(video rend) is( best Q)
(Audio) is temp high def (Include audio is ticked)
( mode is (CBR)
(format is set windows media audio 9.1)
(Attributes ) 32kbps,32khz,stereo a/v CBR

video mode (CBR)
Image size is this too big? (1280 x 720 ) am I using the right 1
Pix asp 1.000(square)
(frame rate) is fps 30,000 seconds per

(keyframe ) 3
(video smoothness) 100% sharpest
(Bit rate) internet Lan / 1 m

Are these the right settings ive been searching you tube video tutorials for some answers & cannot solve them.

My problem is the video is too big how do I Reduce it to a emailable size
it goes for about 4 minutes & windows media has problems with recognising it.maybe cause its (NTSC) ? dont know whats wrong..
cannot email size ends up (372)kb or (32.2 )mb
What am I doing wrong have I missed a conversion somewhere,
Ive altered many settings & am at this at the moment.