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    hey all

    i have a canon HV20 and see a few people use a 35mm adapter but can someone explain what it still a newbie...


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    For most of us in most circumstances - not much.

    A common - tho not essentail by any means - technique when film ing especially drama is to use a very shallow depth of field. This means that the subjects are percived as being in sharp focus is very small. This has the efftect of putting the chosen subject in sharp forcus with anythnig closer of further away appearing out of focus.

    See pics for example - just shot through my front room window.

    For clever physics type reasons to achieve very shallow dof you need a camera with big ccds - that means expensive.

    A 35mm adaptor - also often expensive - apes this effect by projecting the image onto a ( typically ) ground glass screen - taking the role of the ccd - which is then filmed using the camera in macro.

    The downsides are many - your camera becomes unportabe and very fiddly and image abberations will be added by the widget - typically a softening of the image.

    Personally I think that conectrating so much on shallow dof is daft and misses many more important factors - lighting is much more imposrtant for example.

    To try using it you must have yuor aperture wide open - a low f number. Shooting zoomed in increases perception of the effect.

    A cerma with 0.5 inch ccds are needed to exploit this really - thats prosumer ( 2000 ) and upwards.
    Depth of field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Depth-of-field adapter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Aperture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    cheers for the info

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