Hi Guys,

Im a newbie, so please bear with me!

I have just made the jump from the everyday camcorders to a Canon XM2 and overall Im happy with it.

However I have a few issues or questions that I hope someone on this forum may be able to offers answers or advice.

Im having some issues when shooting video indoors with an average amount or light. The footage looks a bit grainy and the image looses its shaprness. I have the camera set on automatic, is there a setting I need to adjust manually to compensate for shooting indoors?

Also I shoot all my footage in 16:9 mode, I notice that the viewfinder on this camera does not display as 16:9, rather it looks very stretched and its hard to frame the shot. The output of the camera is in 16:9 so there is no issue with that, is there anyway to 'letterbox' the actual view finder screen to reflect this?

I hope you guys can help, thanks in advance.