im aware this problem was adressed a few times before, but all those answers and solution couldnt help me so far.

the problem is, that when i put videos into vegas, they appear black on the timeline. on preview, only the sound plays. screen stays black. now i noticed that this only applies to videos which are using a ffdshow codec.
i used virtualdub and a ffdshow (h.264) codec setting to render my videos (all of them obviously same bitrate and codec). i have absolutley no problems playing these videos in vlc or mediaplayersclassic. but vegas cant open them, and when i want to reopen them in vdub, its the same thing.
the ffdshow codec opens automatically when i start either vlc or mplayerclassic, but doesnt when i open vdub or vegas, altho in the settings, it clearly is set to open when these two apps are openend as well.

also, if i render the videos in vegas (saving them as avis with h.264 -ffdshow- codec, which are the same presets as the original video) -which means that ffdshow looks like its properly installed- and open them in mplayerclassic or vlc, the screens is black, only audio plays

has anyone a solution?

ty in advance