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    I'm an English teacher in Japan and my students have completed a really great project recording themselves saying the words (dubbing over the usual actors/actresses) of a Harry Potter film. Normally when we present this project, we just press play on the MD-recorded audio and the muted DVD at the same time.

    However, I am leaving my school soon and I would like to create a record of this project. So I'd like to put the audio and video together on a single DVD.

    I figure I can import and edit the audio with an audio editor and then pop it into the audio channel of a video editor (I have Windows Movie Editor and access to Canopus Ultra Edit), killing the volume on the original video (also imported into the editor).

    However, I cannot manage to import the video data from either an original copy of the film or from (ahem - sorry copywriters!) a downloaded copy.

    I would be immensely grateful if someone out there could help me solve this conundrum!

    Best wishes,

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    This the tool you need.

    It copies the dvd to your hard drive so you can edit it.

    DVD Decrypter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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