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Thread: HD Editing MONITOR - what to use??

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    Default HD Editing MONITOR - what to use??

    Firstly let me give everyone the best lead I can:

    These guys are selling overclocked i7 920a that run at 3.8GHz!!!
    (better than i7 965s which cost around twice as much)
    They are also the best reviewed sellers in the UK I could find.


    Anyway, once I get a new system, which as you can see, should
    be more than enough to do the actual editing with, the next
    thing will be the monitors, which is where I hit a wall.

    So there are LCDs, LCDs with HDMi, and HD tvs - or professional monitors.

    Whats the most basic requirements for an HD video editing monitor?

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    Hd this HD that - I bet your fridge is HD....

    It's not what you use ( almost ) it's how you use it.

    In a perfect world we would all have bespoke notion TFTs but they are thousands and not essential really.

    Everyone I know uses thier PC monitor, I use a decnt set of crt monitors ( 4 of em ) cos I am a tight fist ( four matched cost me 100 used ) and am happy. Except for my electric bill.

    TFT monitors sometimes display blacks badly but I think that is more a historical moan - I think they are ok now.

    All PC monitors will display interlace tearing in iterlaced video but on a TV this is absent.

    Some people also have a TV to monitor on too to give an idea of how the finished edit will appear on the target device so to speak.

    As for your PC - my suggestion is dont overclock anything on any editing pc - and run a conservative set up. Editing thrashes PCs and reliablity is far more imp[ortnat in my exp.

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