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    I'm new, both here and in using Avid. I'm trying to superimpose a video track over another video track but I want the V1 track to be completely visible and the V2 track to only be somewhat visible. Do I need to use a mask? And how would I go about creating one?

    I'd reeeeaaaally appreciate the help, as it's pretty hard to find stuff online for Avid. And half of it that I do find isn't dumbed down enough for me to understand lol. Anyways, thanks so much.


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    Reduce video level on the top track. I use vegas so I cannot be more app specific.

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    If you want the second video to be overlaid over the first video in a sort of half fade, you need to put the second video above the first and reduce the opacity, in the timeline. That's the theory anyway, I've never even heard of Avid, but it should work the same in all video editors that support more than one track. Masks aren't needed, unless you need more control over what gets overlaid.

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    Thanks for the help, but I'm having problems because it fades both tracks. I don't want it to do that lol. Hmmm...

    I'll fiddle around with it and see what I can come up with. I'll most likely wind up masking though, seeing as the second video track is fading the first because the background isn't transparent and is overlaying the first.

    Maybe film a bit of it again with a plain background.

    Still, feel free to continue posting ideas and such, I need them for sure.
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    Stupid question, but I assume you are using the superimpose effect rather than the Picture-in-Picture Effect?

    And you know that the upper-most V track will always take dominance over lower tracks?

    I'm not at my Avid computer just now but it is definitely just a matter of dropping the superimpose effect onto the right track and then reducing the level.

    If you're still struggling tomorrow I can give a more precise answer then.

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    I wasn't using the PIP because part of the video crosses over the center. To get it to work I'd have to cut a diagonal line with several variations across the screen. I should post a screen shot.... Lol.

    I got it to work, I didn't use Superimpose I just used the Animatte effect. I knew what was gong on with the superimpose and why it wasn't working, so last night I stumbled across the definition of a matte and tested them out for myself.

    I'd have looked for a tutorial but I can't ever find anything for Avid, so I just did it myself. Thanks to all of you guys for your help though, I really appreciate it, and I'll definitely be a regular here. Hopefully someday to help others with their problems as you guys have helped me.

    Thanks again!
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    No worries. There are links to some Avid tutorials on this forum actually - on the section you posted in, at the top of the board. Also, do you have a legitimate copy of Avid? If so Avid are (were?) doing a free trial of their Avid Learning Excellerator (ALEX) whereby for one month I think it was, you could sit any number of online tutorials in any area you liked. And these tutorials were f**king amazing. Was literally like having someone sit there and teach you step by step. Was gutted when my free trial expired!

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    Tutorials here? Oh thank god. Avid is hard to find stuff for, thanks for the suggestions I'll definitely get that. Yeah I do have a legit copy xD

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