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    I had to present this to my Digital Editing teacher at Collins for critique, and didn't get much. I'd like some input, like is the color correction okay? Is there anything I could have added, or done better on? How do the cuts look, etc.

    We did film this on our own, and this was our first project actually working with a video camera. My team and I didn't exactly plan for editing... we'd never done it before, but I think it turned out alright anyways.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Just an Epically Quiet Lunch[/ame] - Lunch?

    ( second film removed as per posting rules - mw )

    Thanks for watching!
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    Please read this section's posting rules.

    One of them is one thread on film. Do feel free to post the other in a new thread.

    Ta, Mark.

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    I assume we're meant to know what/where Collins is. Sorry for my ignorance, but I've no idea. My guess would be as you have a Digital Editing teacher you're doing some sort of film class. So expect harsh comments, but don't take offence - we're all here to learn.

    My own comments (based on very limited experience)...

    The desk/table was well lit and showed the sandwich & banana well, but the same could not be said of the actors. You'll really need to light them well to show up against the illuminated background. This was not helped by the guy with the sandwich being dressed in black.

    Watch your background. It's plain throughout (which helps the audience focus on the action) but at 1:43 we suddenly get a very busy background which takes attention away from the actors.

    Sin of sins at the same place (1:42). You've crossed the line. The action axis is between the two characters. We see a shot of the banana guy from over the other guy's left shoulder. This is correct and in keeping with the previous shots (all from from his left hand side as he is facing banana guy). BUT then you change to a shot of sandwich guy from over banana guy's shoulder - this is fine but IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OVER HIS RIGHT SHOULDER.

    Done as it is, the viewer is left confused as the actors appear to have switched positions.

    Hope this helps.

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    Collins College, I'm sorry. Here in Phoenix, AZ. I apologize I figured Collins College was a bit more well known^^; Critique I'm prepared to take, I get it everyday, hehe. Thanks for the warning though.

    The lighting equipment we didn't actually have. We were going to get an Arri lighting kit but our teacher and equipment guy told us to go without until he explained more about it later but I know exactly what you mean. I'll keep it in mind definitely, same thing with the busy background.

    As far as the 180 line goes I noticed that as well, thank you for your input. The 180 line was crossed I did notice, as did another person I showed it to. That's the one rule you don't break unless it's completely intentional I've found lol.

    Anyways, I appreciate the input.
    Bop ba ba da dada.

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