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Thread: Guitar Hero score bar in video using After Effects.

  1. Default Guitar Hero fretboard and score bar in a video using After Effects.

    Hey guys, I'm working on a school project and I need to find out how to do this effect. In the video provided, the user added the score bar from his guitar hero game to his video using Adobe After Effects. I just got the software (CS3 version) but I have no clue how to pull it off. I tried searching it but found nothing. Could anyone show me how to do it or link me to a tutorial on how to do this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    [ame=""]YouTube - How Guitar Hero was MEANT to be played (Rush - YYZ on Expert)[/ame]
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    My guess is that it is captured separately off of the TV with digital converter like the ones that Canopus makes. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Yes that I know, it says so in the video description. The thing I don't understand is how to cut everything but the fretboard and the score bar. Like I said I just got After Effects and I don't know how to use it. Thanks for the reply.

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    Surely you just draw a mask around it?

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    Is it really that simple? I'm sure there's more to it. If you draw a mask yourself wouldn't the lines be a little jagged?

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    Not if you don't draw them jagged! Have you ever used photoshop? It's just the same - zoom in good and close (Ctrl+) and then when you need to, you can hold the space bar and drag the image, then continue drawing etc. I'm sure if you search on youtube or something for 'draw mask after effects' there will be porbably be a tutorial or something if you're having trouble.

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    Ooh ok I got it. I did in fact find a tutorial on youtube. Thanks a lot cdf.

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