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Thread: March 2009: New Music Video

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    Default March 2009: New Music Video

    Some of you may have seen the making of a few days ago. The band saw the video for the first time last night and were really happy with the result. This video is much more my style than any other I have done so the whole process was really enjoyable. Its great to be able to share it finally!

    Band - Narration
    Track - Miracle

    [ame=]YouTube - Narration - Miracle[/ame]

    Let me know what you guys think or if there we're any areas it was lacking in...
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    Very nice, thanks for sharing it.. do they have a cd out?

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    The Miracles single will be out on Itunes in the next month or so. I think they will do really well. It was really good fun shooting a video for them!
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    Great job, James et al. The whole package - video/image/sound/song - seems to go together very well. You clearly listened to the music - I like the way the video picks up and draws attention to some of the music moments - the piano motif, a couple of guitar motifs - without ever (I think) repeating the same trick.

    I particularly liked the way you dealt with the tricky to deal with instrumental passage (the bit where a prog rock influence can be heard).

    Liked the song too. I might be tempted to show my support by buying it (that's from someone whose last purchases were ELP, Hendrix and Tchaikowsky and who gave up on more modern music after he was given a Travis CD)

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    Thanks for the feedback Tim. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Just checked on youtube this morning and its got a few honors which is always nice!
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    Very nicely done!! Especially liked your musicality in the cuts! Bravo.

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    Thanks for the feedback HWright. The mistake we made with this project is that we shot far too much material. We layed all the footage out on the timeline, synced with the music, and removed what didn't work. The problem was that sometimes we had 20 different shots we could use at any one time! It took a long time watching everything and assessing what worked with each individual cut. Not going to make that mistake again!
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    Very nice - I particularly like the strobe lighting effect over the top of the viceo - how was that done? Using effects or by adding separately shot light flashes onto the timeline?

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    Wading through hours of footage can be daunting, but infinately better than not having enough footage! Anyway, great job!

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    All effects where done physically and composited in afterwards. We did the basic edit first so we could shoot elements for certain shots. Running around in a dark room, we used fairy lights, toy lightsabres, and sparklers to achieve the different light effects. A few where shot at location with long 4 minutes takes that were sped up by an insane amount!
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