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    Default Live Chroma-Keying

    I have a presentation to do on Chroma-keying in the next couple of weeks and I'm demonstrating the keylight plugin for Adobe After Effects.

    Instead of demonstrating with pre-recorded footage I wanted to use live footage which will allow those interested in viewing the presentation interact with it and see the results live.

    I have access to the Adobe Creative Suite 3 and might be willing to pay for an additional plugin if it's not too expensive.

    I'm hoping someone will know if Adobe OnLocation or AdobeUltra has these functions. I haven't been able to find these in the creative suite but I know OnLocation should have been bundled with Preimier so I'll ask some questions about that.

    So can anyone help me out.
    Thanks in advanced

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    The only reasonable way to do live chroma key is with a video switcher, not software.
    There may be some software out there that does it, but it won't be Premiere Pro or After Effects. They are editing and effects applications, not production applications. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Default Live Chroma Keying

    I used Veescope today at uni for live chroma keying - there is a demo version which runs for 20 minutes. Dunno if there is a windows version - we all use Mac.

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    Default Live Chroma Keying

    You need Adobe CS3 Production Premium or Master Edition - see this thread: Toolfarm Expert Forums: REAL TIME CHROMA KEYING

    Live Preview / Ultra is what you are looking for...

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