When it comes to computer my knowledge is limited so I figured this would be the right place to ask.

My friend just finished building a computer. I was wondering why she did it and if the price is justified. She doesn't use their computers so much but whenever she does she uses as a media pc, she does a lot of HD editing mainly.

I asked her why she did it and she told me she did it because this computer is better for the software she uses, but she already has a MAC which I read are better fit to these kind of tasks.

I'm worried. I'm not worried about her spending her money because she does have a lot, I'm worried because this semester she is not studying nor working and I dont want her to become addicted to computers, I'm worried about the time she is spending on this stuff, I mean, last year she wouldn't spend more than a couple of hours on her laptop, now she spent last month building this stuff:

I read this kind of computers are meant for gaming but I got that from her xfire profile, I saw she has played 225 hours in the last two years, so as you cant see she doesn't play a lot. So she did it because in fact this computer is better for what she does or she is crazy.

What I want to know is:
- Is this computer better than a MAC Pro for HD editing?
- What kind of applications require such a computer?
- Would you consider this to be a gaming rig or a media computer?

Just out of curiosity:
- Does this kind of computers cost THAT much? Idk exactly how much but it was definitely more than $10.000
- Is there anybody here who would spend so much time and money on a computer?
- What would you use this computer for?
- Why does she has an ac unit outside of her house with pipes through the walls connected to the computer?!

Thanks in advance!