I bought a Sony DCR-TRV820 a couple months ago to convert video8 tapes to digital using the built in firewire port. This unit works great.

I bought a second one because I thought they work great, and I got a good deal, or so I thought.

This "new" DCR-TRV820 (a big consumer camcorder from the Digital8 era) can record and play back perfectly, but when I put in any 8mm tape from another camcorder, there are fat snowy bands through the image if it's analogue tape, and even a tape recorded in Digital8 with the other TRV820 has all kinds of digital distortion in the images.

So, is there some misalignment sort of thing happening here? I really would like to get my "new" TRV820 fixed. (I think the heads are OK because it can record and playback perfectly.) They're great when they work, and they ain't makin' em any more.