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Thread: Once again... Trying to get personal

  1. Default Once again... Trying to get personal

    with my bmx videos.

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    A bit more disjointed than your recent past videos, but then again it's only a teaser, I guess. I found the constant use of teh wide angle/near fish eye a bit vomit inducing.

    What I really likesd was the reactions of the other riders (applause) as the focus rider pulled off a stunt - good move. Now add in close ups of the bikes riders and get a narrative (not a narration - unless you particularly want to)

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    One of the things I liked was the fact you used diffrent angles.. A lot of people just do one shot.. I noticed a 45 degree shot and a few low shots... over all nice job

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    Just watched your video, overall very good but it has a few things I would change. It is disjointed, you could try a quick cutting montage at the start (fast music) with all the bike riders getting ready and then show them doing the actual stunts.

    At the moment you are cutting back and forth between the stunts and shots of them walking along the street and then back to the stunts again. The wide angle fish eye lens doesn't add anything to the video at all as far as I can see (no pun intended).

    I liked the POV and dolly/tracking shots, did you use a skateboard for those? They certainly added to the visual variety needed in dealing with this subject matter. Good job, but just needs a few tweaks here and there.

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    Very nice kinetic flow to the cutting! I really liked it . . . I do agree that the fish bowl lens doesn't add anything, and sometimes distracts from the flow of movement, which was really well done!

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