From that movie that never ends! I have had many requests for more stills, and so have put up a new gallery of frame grabs from the movie KERBEROS.

These are again shot with the Sony EX1 with their stock lens, and were done during a 'run and gun' shoot using only available light. Since my entire crew on this sequence was myself and the cameraman, I think it's a pretty good bet that none of you will have smaller crew (though in BLOOD TIES - there are a couple sequences where it was only the camera and me with no cameraman!BLOOD TIES was shot on the DVX, has won a few pretigious awards, and will play at the End of the Pier Film Festival at the end of April.).

These KERBEROS stills, taken from the 'foot chase' do a pretty good job of illustrating composition and blocking 'in depth' to help achieve the 'look'. You may also realize that I use the extremes of shadow and light to add to the illusion of selctive focus. I continue to investigate different tools to do my color correction and grading, but with the amount of subtle and maybe not so subtle fx, I am still using After Effects for my polish.

Hope they help and good luck on all your projects!


"Talking people and doing people, for myself, I hope to do"

Kely McClung