Hi all, wondered if anybody has one of the following Panasonic camcorders they can please give me a bit of assistance with?

We're looking to buy some small camcorders for student use in our training colleage, and (as we have a few DMR-EX98V decks) were thinking of either the Panny SDR-S7/S15/S26/SW21. We don't need HD, just something simple for role plays etc.

Our IT department said they can provide USB SD-Card readers for the computers in the classrooms, to save a bit of money on buying loads of decks, and keep all the vis aids PC based. Sounds a good idea, but we're concerned that the computers may not be able to play the mpeg2 files created by the camcorders. We are hidden behind a corporate firewall, so getting up to date codecs for Windows Media Player etc is a real nightmare.

So, if anybody is using these particular cameras mentioned above, would it be possible to send us a small test file, or post it on the net so we could download it and take a look? Only needs to be about 10 seconds, just to ensure the computers can play them.