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    Hi. I'm recording Super 8 films onto DV and into the PC via Magix. I've read lots of dicsussion about running the projector at a speed different from the recorder; so that as DV records at 25 im/s, the projo should be set at 18 or even 16.6 with a 3 blade projo.

    What are your experiences of this? Have you got best results from that procedure or using at 2 blade projo?

    Have you tried the Easytransfer replacement for the objective lens to get a direct composite output? I have and I've gone back to refilming a projection since it seems to me that the quality is insufficient.

    Looking forward to your discussion,


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    I have a Telecine Components Super 8 telecine setup with a 3 blade shutter running at 16.66fps. The camera video output controls the telecine projector to run at the correct speed and produces stable flicker-free transfers.

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    I have started the same process, re-building the projector and capturing the frames at 3fps.

    Having Trouble with DIY Telecine (8mm) System -

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