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Thread: My 2nd cooking video

  1. Default My 2nd cooking video

    Hey I deleted the one in the other thread. I dont mean to post ALL my cooking shows here but I just want tips as I am getting started up.

    I recorded this the same day as my first one..anyways any tips would be greatly appreciated

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    Big improvement.. well done... Just a idea.. what about lower thirds? As he meantions the items needed with the amounts? It'll add that tv element... but over all nice job..

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    You're improving, so the criticisms will get harsher and more picky.
    Likes: Another good presenter and a good script.
    I particularly like the "human" touches - leaving mistakes in, chucking the seeds over the shoulder and the fact he doesn't take himself too seriously.
    The "dolly" shots of the ingredients at the beginning were a great idea and looked really tempting. Would have loooked profesional if the movement had been really smooth rather than nearly smooth.
    Areas for improvement:
    You've balanced up the lighting from the window but have introduced two more problems: There's a lot of light on the back of the presenters right shoulder/arm and you're suffering from over exposure on the chopping board in many scenes (especially the wider shots while he's working with garlic - it's impossible to make out anything where his harnds are working at times - look just before 3:00)
    Be careful of different lighting/colour balance between the different angles. The close up shots look positively dark set against the wide ones just mentioned.
    I'd have like you to have got in MUCH closer with the garlic. He bashed it with the knife and told us how the skin was coming away - we should have been able to see it.
    I think CPs suggestion of lower thirds is a good one. Not only ingredients, but the presenter's name - he spoke it so quickly, I missed it.

    There was too much clutter in the background!

    I have no interest in cooking, but if you keep producing short and sweet items presented in this manner, I may take an interest.

    I'm really enjoying them!

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