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Thread: Pink spots & streaks from VHS

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    Default Pink spots & streaks from VHS

    Hello, everyone. I'm capturing VHS video from a Sony SLV-N51 videocassette recorder (NTSC, I'm in America). The VHS is going into the ATI TV Wonder Pro converter/card. So far, it has done a fantastic job. But...

    I've copied some older VHS tapes and the results look just like the original for my money, and even better in some cases. However, now I'm doing some newer VHS tapes, namely JVC brand, and now I'm getting pink spots and lines at the top of the screen, and some outright color flutter. It seems to be on these two JVC tapes in particular, especially ones marked "SX Audio/Video Master." When I play them to a TV everything is fine, and adjusting the tracking does nothing. Is the output from these tapes flipping out the card or what? Is it a software or hardware thing? WAAH! AAAA!

    Thanks for your help and caring ears.

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    Default Clarification...

    After further examination, I've found that the "bad" video was taped with my Sony 8mm Handycam, of a 1993 make and model. The pink spots at the top of the screen and color flutter come specifically during indoor lighting scenes, I think. Scrap the part about the JVC tapes, I don't think that had anything to do with it.

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    Let me re-emphasize that the picture is fine when these tapes are played through a television, just not when played into the computer!

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    I'm replying to myself. Well, self, when I watch the captured video frame-by-frame, the chrominance appears as scattered squares. After further reading I'm thinking maybe I have my capture resolution set too high for VHS dubs. The TV is being so overloaded that the squares are showing up. I'll try backing down the resolution, then report back here to myself and let me know what I've found.

    I'm working on this so hard I'm cracking up.

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    Okay...I've spent hours trying to re-load old drivers, new drivers, removed the card and replaced it in the socket, read and read all night...I think the color noise inherent in the darker scenes is just having its way with the video card decoder, and I may be stuck with it! Adjusting the brightness, contrast and color seem to have some effect. Ah, well.

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