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Thread: Slow autofocus on Sony DCRTRV-22

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    Default Slow autofocus on Sony DCRTRV-22

    Hello All!
    I just bought a camcorder - Sony DCR TRV-22 I think you know, this is popular miniDV camcorder, very small and nice with touch screen and lots of features. I bought it for $600 and I really love it.

    However, I noticed that when I shoot something that is moving, the image is not very sharp. Like, if i just move it a little, it loses focus completely, until i stop the movement. I can't say the pictures becomes too bad, it's still pretty good, but if I look a little closer I can clearly see how it smashes. Again, I'm not talking about very sharp movements, but even slowly walking people are a little smashed.

    The problem is that this is my first camcorder and I have nothing to compare it with. Is it a common thing for those types of camcorders, or I should return it to the store? Or am I too picky? I understand that you can't say much without seeing the actual video, but in general, when you look at the picture from your camcorder, can you notice that the picture is smashed on the moving scenes? I was shooting with autofocus and image stabilizer on, outside in the sunny day.

    I would really appreciate any comments,
    Thank you

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    I've used several different camcorder and have never really noticed any blurring on movement. To be honest, camcorder adjustments aren't my forte - hopefully someone can elaborate as to why you may be experiencing this! Maybe it's more to do with the viewfinder than the actual recorded picture - what does the captured video look like or how does it look when you view it on a tv through the AV outs. The auto-focus feature should really be able to cope with slow movements!!!
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