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Thread: Who can extract the greenscreen from Aspect's video?

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    Smile Who can extract the greenscreen from Aspect's video?

    Hello my name is Spike Vanderman, CEO of Borderline Ent. I'm currently putting together Aspect's(my artist)music video. I'm new to the whole green screen idea and its a cheap budget film. I was wondering if anyone could extract the green from the footage leaving Aspect and Big D having no background behind them or just all white. This is greatly appreciated. I will make sure to give credit towards whom succeeds in this task.

    One Love,

    Spike Vanderman

    Download here:2shared - download VAA.wmv

    View here:
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    I downloaded it and took a look.. you need to reshoot that.. its lit horrible... uneven.. big shadows... The first trick to chroma keying.. is preperation.. you cant just stand in front of a green screen... you have to set it up right..

    1) stand about 3-4 feet infront of the screen
    2) make sure there is no wrinkles, folds or creases in the fabric
    3) Light it evenly!! (very important)

    Good luck

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Re. the wrinkles in the background, you can resolve that by using big plastic crocodile clips to pull the fabric tightly to the upright supporting poles. I used to use this system for my photography studio, but have moved on to a fabric which is naturally wrinkle-free, wish it worked on humans...
    I get these crocodile clips from a local hardware store, no idea what they are supposed to be used for...clipping crocodiles together maybe..
    Re. the lighting, looks like you need something like my new patent diy studio light, 150 watts of raw but controllable (again, how human) power, powered by a cheap hardware store security light.

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    Sorry Va...24, that greenscreen is awful. In addition to the advice given by Messers Chapman and Snapper I would move your singer away from the screen to avoid him causing shadows and reducing the chance of him getting lit with green light bounced back from the screen.

    It's the shadow areas on his right (picture left) which are causing the problems. Instead of getting someone to spend many, many long evenings correcting the mistakes frame by frame, it would be better for you to spend a morning re-shooting the footage.

    PS. You also shot-off the greenscreen a few times, watch out for that in future.
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