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Thread: How much to charge for freelance?

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    Default How much to charge for freelance?

    Hi I've only been working in the industry for a month and a half. I'm making adverts for local businesses to be shown on a TV channel in the UK. One of my clients has asked me if I'll make him a freelance video commercial for his other business between 15 to 30 seconds in length. What would be a fair rate to charge for this work?

    The work should take me about a weekend or so and I won't be doing any actual filming it will be purely After Effects. The channel I work for only charge 200 for production and make the money on airtime. 200 doesn't seem enough to me, I was thinking of going between 300-400. Would that be a fair amount?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to ask you self how long will it take you? I charge a flat hourly rate.. The more work it takes the more it cost.. (for the most part) What is your time worth? How good are you?

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    Cheers mate for the quick reply. It would take a weekend to make and then possibly another to amend to the clients liking. I'd say I'm good but it's impossible to say just how good this early in my career. However I am sure I can easily satisfy this client especially as he was chuffed with my previous work and offered me this off the back of it. I am on 1000 a month so 300-400 for a weekend seems fairly good to me, just wondered how reasonable that is?

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    Its probaby good.. I charge $30 and hour which is a little lower then the others in my area.. if I work 10-15 hours its $300-$450 Im not sure of the conversion rate but you're probably close to my prices..

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