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    Hi all after all the trouble I have had with my DVD cam I am giving up looking to buy a dirt cheep DV cam so I can shoot and edit home vids with ease dont want to spend too much happy with 2nd hand.

    Let me know what you got, if anyone want to know the problems I have had with the Sony DVD cam you can read all about it here


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    I've a Canon MV500 on eBay at the moment... CANON MV500 MINIDV CAMCORDER, 2 FILTERS & .7 WIDE ANGLE on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 22-Mar-09 21:15:00 GMT)

    It's got a few extras with it too, wide angle, UV and Polarising lenes and only a 99p starting price. If you want a cheap Mini DV eBay is the place.

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