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Thread: V1E playback problems

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    I've run into some problems with my Sony HVR V1E, namely the video playback. I was logging and capturing several tapes yesterday, both HD and SD, no problem.

    Today, using the same tapes, all it shows is a blank/blue screen as if the tapes were empty. Furthermore the camera won't show the time-code anymore and trying to check the tapes with Final Cut also results in error messages saying my device isn't connected (although it is).
    I didn't change anything since yesterday, it just seemed to stop working. I can still FWD and rewind the tapes using the camera but there is just no playback. Tried changing all kinds of camera settings, to no avail.

    Kinda confused... hope it's not serious, the camera has always been somewhat temperamental. Any ideas?


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    It does sound serious and if it was purchased new and has never worked right sony owe you a new camera.

    Try a head clean but usually if it us that most cameras tell you on the screen with a message.

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