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Thread: Hidden Camera Show - Need Actor to pick up convos

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    Default Hidden Camera Show - Need Actor to pick up convos

    I'm recording a video while also having an actor mic'd up. The person goes in hidden and the microphone needs not to be obvious.

    I connected a microphone to a cell phone, and recorded. It picked up the voice of the actor perfectly but not any of the people speaking to him from 5-10 feet away.

    From my current research it seems I need an Omnidirectional microphone.

    Can someone advise me if this is the right thing i need. Also can someone recommend me a specific model or where to get them.

    How good will the quality be?

    Thanks a lot


    P.S. Heres an exmaple of what I would be doing

    notice how you can hear the second guy very well. I need that

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    It depends on what you get.. The more you spend the better it'll be.. I like B&H Photo and videoguys.. Im in the US, if you're in the UK It might be cheaper to look there.. One of the others could point you in the right direction there.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    IMO you are unlikely to pick up much with any quality from anyone 5 ft away from a concealed lav mic. Omni or otherwise. Just not going to happen, unless you are in a very quiet very acoustically dead space.

    In a room you will generally be picking up as many reflections from walls as you are the direct audio, and in an open space you'll be picking up a lot of ambience, and the signal/noise will be bad.

    I suspect those hidden camera things use very directional shotgun (or even parabola) mics that are hidden away too to pick up the 3rd party audio.

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