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    This year is the fourth edition of the B-movies, Underground and Trash Film Festival which takes place from the 9th of September till the 13th of September 2009 in Breda, the Netherlands.

    Previous guests were Lloyd Kaufman (“Citizen Toxie”), JT Petty (“S&Man”), Fred Vogel (“August Underground”), Andrew van den Houten (“Headspace”), Adam Wingard (“Pop Skull”), Javi Camino (“Maldito Bastardo!”), Wenzel Storch (“Die Reise ins Glück”) Christian Viel (“Deaden”), Jake West (“Evil Aliens”) and others.

    BUT is looking for short and feature films in the wonderful, strange, exciting, daring, compelling and bizarre world of trash, underground and b-films. For the first time there will be a competition in five categories. The names might change a little, but it’s ‘Best B-movie’, ‘Best Underground Film’, ‘Best Trash Film’, ‘ Best Feature’ and ‘Best Short’.

    If you think you have something that we’d like, then you can sent it on DVD to the following address:

    Stichting Idee-Fixe
    T.a.v. BUT Film Festival
    Speelhuislaan 38
    4815 CG Breda
    The Netherlands

    Please fill out the application form which you can find on our website ( and sent it along with the film that you’re admitting. Deadline closes on the 1st of August 2009.

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    Thanks for that, I might take a shot at it, have an idea for a short film based on the theme of the junk that we tend accumulate, well, I do. Wonder if submissions for this and other festivals have to be in HD and widescreen, surely not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper1 View Post
    Wonder if submissions for this and other festivals have to be in HD and widescreen, surely not.
    All formats are accepted (widescreen or fullframe). We can screen in HD, but only at 720p at the moment. Ofcourse the projector does a downscale, so you shoot and edit in 1080p (or i).

    We can project HD(V), 35mm, 16mm, Digi Beta, and DVD. And if there are other formats, then we'll try to rent a player so we can show it.
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