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    I am a Newbie to video editing and would appreciate any assistance. I am using "AVS Video Editor 4" softyware and wish to import the movies I have taken on my Cannon DVD camcorder model DC210. The camera records the movies to a 3" disk in a Video_TS and Audio_TS format. I can play 3" disk movies in my "AVS Viseo Editor" software, but cannot get it imported so I can edit out certain parts. As mentioned, I am a Newbie and I am sure it is Pilot Error. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I am not familiar with your software so forgive me if I go off in a tangent!

    When you say you cannot import from the mini DVDs do you have the disc loaded into the DVD reader in your computer?
    DVD camcorders will usually only allow the software that came with them to be able to do that. If not try from the DVD reader.

    Has the disc been finalized? If not finalize the disc.

    Does the software have an "Import from DVD/VR" type command or function?
    If so is this how you tried to do it?

    Is your DVD reader fully rated to read mini DVDs? Just because it can play one back doesn't meant the software can use it to parse the mini DVD for import.

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    Are you able to copy your Video_TS folder to the computers hard drive, it might be possible that your program doesn't see the VOB files but if you change the VOB extension to mpg it might, I've had programs that don't show the files in the Video_TS folder untill you go to "All files", but I'm in the same boat as lancecarr having never used that program so am also lightly to be going of at a tangent.

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