Hi All,

I am using Finalcut Express v4 on a new iMac (intel system, OS X 15.n).

The issue I have is with video files that were captured using a Sony Handicam and then imported onto a Windows workstation, about 2 years ago. I've copied these files onto my desktop and these files are .mpg and show up as MPEG on my Mac Finder.

I've tried to import these movies into Finalcut Express, but the files are grayed out, won't allow it.

When I try to play these back using Quicktime Pro v7.6, I receive the error / warning message:
The movie could not be opened.
The file is not a movie file.

Note, if I try to play this movie using VideoLAN v0.9.8a is works as expected.

What then is the issue here? The files are not corrupted, so what's wrong?