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Thread: Magix Movie Problem - All in 4:3 ratio!!!!

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    Default Magix Movie Problem - All in 4:3 ratio!!!!

    I'm having a real headache at the moment with my Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 (I know old version!!). I've had this for quite a while and managed to capture loads of stuff from my camcorder and make reasonable home movies.

    However, about 3 months ago every time I now capture video footage it is in 4:3 ratio instead of 16:9 widescreen. I've tried various settings etc but nothing seems to work i.e. change screen resolution presets etc both before and after importing footage, changing tab to 16:9 in "Advanced" section when opening burning menu. I can only think that the problem is due to the way the footage is imported.

    Checked my widescreen camcorder - ok. Plays footage in widescreen on tv. Tried someone else's tape in my camcorder and same problem still occurs. Basically, I'm stuck - and very annoyed cos I've completed a 2 hour video that I wanted to burn - and its all in 4:3!!!

    One other thing - downloaded a movie I already owned. Imported this into Magix and it played/burned ok in widescreen - so seem to think this indicates there is something wrong with the settings for when importing/capturing etc???

    Help would be much appreciated!!!

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    I am using this software too. Have you tried clicking on file and then on movie properties. There is an option to make the movie 16:9. (this is on the edit screen, not the burn disc screen).

    I am sure you have, but just to make sure.

    Also I think you can right click on each individual clip and choose a movie properties option and make into 16:9.

    Sorry if I am stating the obvious. I know how frustrating these things can be. Even though it is old software I still like it and have, like you, had good results with it.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks. Tried that before. Dont think thats it. WHen you right click and go to object properties the picture is in 4:3 mode. I can change it to 16:9 but this just stretches the image to fit the screen making everything fat. The problem seems to be that the original image is captured in 4:3 rather than 16:9. I know the camcorder records in 16:9 because this is how its played on the TV. The problem seems to be in transfer to PC.

    I know that you have to use firewire (??) to ensure image properties are kept. I am using firewire so cant see this as the problem.

    The only other option I can think of is that i accidently deleted some sort of driver that stopped me viewing video. I had to download and reinstall somehting. The problem may have ahppended since then, but not sure. Also cant remembrt what driver i installed? Sorry, not much detail!

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