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Thread: CBA Productions Huge Update - Hosted Here :)

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    Default CBA Productions Huge Update - Hosted Here :)

    CBA Productions:

    "I" is on BBC2 11th November 2004 at 04:00am GMT"


    "18th November 2004 at 04:00am"

    Not the best time in all the world, but certainly something worthy of recording over night. We were given two show slots for reasons which must be obvious by now [Fantastic].

    A few other updates, "I" has been seen by people working on the film "Legend of Zorro", while Simon was on set with his dad Roger Pearce [Camera Operator of Golden Eye, Mask of Zorro] last week in Mexico. As you would have expected when they heard Simon had made a film, they weren't over optimistic but here is what was said:

    "I didn't want it to end"
    "I was genuinely sucked in by it"
    "I'm surprised at what you've managed to achieve"

    The film was seen by the film's script supervisor who also worked on king arthur as well as the directors assistant.

    Also to top this already fantastic visit Simon also spent a day honoring the skills of Stuart Baird, director of US Marshalls and Executive Decision. Last but not least: We have new editing software. A copy of Avid, used by professional editors in the industry. Its ours to use, and to make the already great, bloody fantastic.

    Wait, don't leave theirs more. Coming soon to the site is the Graveyard Shift trailer, its just in need of some final cuts. Also just for added video content Simon is going to put up his AS Multimedia coursework. This horror movie trailer titled "Sadistic Side Effects" is starring Josh Billsbury, Nik Pugh and Kneth Heard, all of whom are soon to debut in Graveyard Shift. The teachers comment on this trailer piece was:

    "The best media product produced by a student I have ever seen"

    Believe it of not, that's the end of what I intended to be a short update. Watch this space, more is coming.

    Finally: Sorry if this is in the wrong topic.
    Richard \'Crisis\' Brookes
    ||| CBA Productions ||| My Garage ||| Race Warz |||

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    Nice work! I look forward to seeing it!!

    pedant mode - there are a few spelling / grammar mistakes on your site. I wouldn't normally bother, but it's a professional site, so you probably want to change them.

    "Wait, don't leave theirs more. " should be "Wait, don't leave, there's more!"

    I don't wanna sound like a pain in the *rse, but there you go anyway

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