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Thread: Hey this is my first trial run on doing a cooking show!

  1. Default Hey this is my first trial run on doing a cooking show!

    I could really use some feedback, alot of things i noticed was the camera been slightly canted, the poor lighting, etc

    however i could use your opinion thanks!

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    ok. you know about the tilt.. that can be fixed it the pan and crop tool of your editor... On thing that stands out is after "the five minutes later" you come back at a diffrent angle, which is good... but your talent dose not look at the camara when she starts talking. that works good when people are getting interviewed by another person... but she's supposed to talking to us the viewer... if you think about haveing a conversation with some and they turn and start talking in another direction, the first thing you think is "who in the world are you talking to?" That was the thought I got..

    Well thats my thoughts, hope it helps

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    Great effort! You've clearly listened to the advice received about switching between close ups and wide shots using only one camera and on the whole it works well as a means of adding visual variety.

    There were a couple of places where more could have been easily added - for example whilst the talent was holding the bowl of berries and talking about them, this shot went on a bit long for my liking. You could easily have taken another shot of the bowl of berries in her hand and inserted that.

    Closeups of the talents face are more difficult as they require her to repeat precisely the manner in which she said her lines - but it's something worth developing.

    Another pointer is that if you change camera angles or distance between shots of the same subject there should be a marked difference. The cut at 22secs is a perfect example. The first shot frames the talent from above head to just under breasts. The following shot frames her from above head to around navel. This isn't really enough of a contrast and gives the appearence of a jump cut.

    The lighting is rather one-sided - presumably coming in from the window to the right of the screen. You should think about balancing this - probably with some sort of reflector on the opposite side.

    I thought that, given you weren't in a studio, the background was quite good, bare enough not to be a distraction, but one or two items in view which gave the kitchen a "real" look.

    Some artificial additional light on the talent might help contrast the background with the talent.

    The talent herself was personable and engaging and, apart from a few glances at her cue sheet and the part CP mentioned, gave a professional yet "human" performance. It ain't easy to do and I think she has great potential.

    All in all I think you've done a superb job and will have learnt much from the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackout View Post
    could i get some tips on my 2nd one too?
    I'd be delighted to comment if you dellete it from here and start up a new thread for the 2nd show. I realise you're probably just trying to be "tidy" but the rules here are ONE FILM PER THREAD.

    This is purely so there is no confusion about which film is being referred to as there would be if we had a number of films in one thread. Thanks.

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