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Thread: Weekly free Download of Sound, Videoeffects and more

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    Default Weekly free Download of Sound, Videoeffects and more

    Hi there

    I have found a site that offers a lot of Soundeffects, animated backgrounds, animations and stock footage.

    Catooh Catooh > Home

    Catooh - the new online media marktplace of MAGIX offers weekly a new download. Beside videos, songs and pictures you can find also DVD-Menues and other templates. By the way you can even earn money with the sales of your own photos, videos and songs.


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    We aint stupid - just say if you are promoting this - as you clearly are.

    Please dont spam this again - we allow one commercial spam per product in trhis section.

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    Hello Mark, long time do pass by the site... I know what you mean about the previous post, I don't know why the don't realize it is too obvious.

    One of the reason there are so many "stock houses" opening is because you can actually buy around 1,000 SD clips and 500 clips for $5,000... and if you negotiate you can get it for even $3,000.

    If you are interested we can buy together the clips at: Resell Video Backgrounds Under Your Own Brand And Keep All The Profits and buy the domain lol.

    Although I respect the effort of this people, there are so many now that is getting out of hand. Let see what happens down the road.

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