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    I just got the Sony SR11 and love it. but i was thinking of getting a wide angle and Telephoto lens made by Digital Optics...but its only $34 ,i know thats really cheap for lens so i was wondering if anyone used these before...i tried looking up some info on them but i could only find stuff about Dslr's ...i know ojn a Dslr you can tell the differance in a cheap lens but not sure on a HD camcorder...heres the link to the lens


    WIDE ANGLE & TELEPHOTO LENS FOR SONY HDR-SR10 HDR-SR11 - eBay (item 220361067148 end time Mar-14-09 19:52:44 PDT)


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    You get what you pay for with glass.

    Anything under about 100 will likely do the job but it will have dark edges - terrible chromatic abberation and look very soft.

    A quality wide convertor can be got for maybe 200 up. One for my pro camera is 850...

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