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    Hi all, i really need some advice on buying a new camcorder and the people here seem to know what they are talking about so ive got a few questions.
    Im looking to spend upto 200, yer not alot i know but its really for filming some up and coming holidays, a few festivals, offroading etc.
    I have looked a couple on the web mainly the Canon FS100 and the JVC Everio GZ-MS100 in particular, i guessing an sd format camcorder is better in a way compared to hdd, disc or tape.
    It might get a little rough treated, and i would need to be able to record maybe upto 20 hours at a time so i not to sure on how many sd cards say 4/8gb ones i would need to end up buying, wether you can buy multipacks of them for cheaper price.
    Widescreen i think is quite an important feature aswell as decent quality picture and it would be nice to get a cheap fish eye lens that is compatable for action shots.
    Size, weight and apperance doesnt really matter to much all these factors combined make it hard shoping.
    Also i need to be able it edit film in window movie maker, i heard somewhere that the jvc everio formats the video different so its difficult to edit but im not sure.
    Maybe some off you have advice on what i should do.
    Thanks in advance
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