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Thread: Hd Cam to PC- Easiest Software Path

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    Default Hd Cam to PC- Easiest Software Path

    Hi, i recently started making and editing videos. I use a Canon Vixia HG20 which, when directly ripped to my PC, arrive in the .m2ts format. I'm a relative newbie at this, so i was wondering this: What is the path of least resistance to convert these HD quality m2ts files into a more usable format that can be used in VisionLab (which i use to add FX)? Also, what editing program is best paired with VisionLab for this process? (im willing to try any program) If you could try to explain the easiest way for me to convert and edit the HD video in these programs, id much appreciate it


    P.S. I've tried using both streamclip and super c to change the format from m2ts to avi but both get a cannot read format (DirectShow) error when being imported into VisionLab. There must be a smoother way to do this, using visionlab, an editor, and a converter. help please
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    Any of the major players in the consumer level video editing software market currently will be able to either handle the files as is or will automatically transcode from transport stream to program stream upon import.

    As far as compatibility goes with your existing program I have no idea!

    Check the specs on Sony Vegas, Cyberlink Power Director 7, Corel VideoStudio Pro X2, Adobe premier Elements 7, Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate...ummm...errr that's all I can think of at the moment.

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    i suppose what i'm really asking is if there is an easy, one step converter from .m2ts to avi. i import with imagemixer and use that to convert to mpeg4 but then i have to convert again to avi. by the time the footage makes it into Visionlab, it looks like a crappy webacm. im using power director or pinnacle for my editing.

    Is avi even a valid HD format? i want to keep the HD quality but Visionlab can only use certain formats, what should i convert to and with what?

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    Hi yawny,
    Probably the first thing to clarify is that ".avi" is not a file type. It is a container or wrapper file. Currently there are about 800 file types that result in the extension .avi.
    m2ts is a variety of MPEG2 and in HD is like MPEG2 on crack! It is highly compressed.
    MPEG4 is even more highly compressed.
    Conversion from a higly compressed format especially to another highly compressed foramt will always result in degradation of the video. How much depends on the original and the format you go to.
    Ok, so you start with M2ts.

    Let me know exactly the file types Vision Lab can handle (not avi, the REAL file type!).

    What is it that VisionLab can do that your editing software cannot do?

    What is the format that you want to render the final product to?

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    all i seem to be able to get visionlab to tell me is that it takes avi and quicktime files, no specifics

    i already know from experience that it doesnt take ALL avi files so that really doesnt help.

    i need to be able to conver t my m2ts into a visionlab compatible HD file that i can then import into power director and burn to a DVD.

    if i can get it into visionlab in one step then im set

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    I have taken a look around to see what I can find but really there is little info on that program.
    As you have discovered it just says it will accept .avi and with 800 or so files on records as having the extension .avi that's not much help!
    The other thing I am uncertain of is that your originals are HD and whetehr or not your are wanting to maintain them at HD or down convert to SD for final output.
    Either way I think your best option is to go to the Visionlab forum and ask your question there from people who have the know-how. The link is below. :: View Forum - VisionLab Studio Help

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    ok, thanks for the help anyway

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