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    Hey guys, I'm new here.

    I've been making some music videos for my band to project during our shows. Here's one:

    Done with a variety of programs.. Flash, Virtual Dub, Photoshop, Premier and finally Vegas Video. It's mostly made up of a string of stills taken along the Southeastern edge of Toronto--where the railway and the CN Tower meet.
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    Please read the rules of user vids befor posting. ta.

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    Oops! I did read the rules, last night. Totally forgot.

    My instinct tells me to make less threads (I post mostly at the Mike Portnoy forum).

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    Cool video, interesting use of still images and the colour effects I liked. The music wouldn't be something I would listen to and the character you introduced we have no idea who that person is. When you introduce a character, we need to get closer to that person as it felt like we were distanced from them. Was that person part of the narrative or just some random stranger you followed? Also the sounds at the end reminded me of an old lawnmower we had years ago, every time we started it up it made noises like that.

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    I thought this wa really two totally separate pieces (as was the music, really). Both were good, but the second was far more interesting. I rather thought that we were meant o be distanced from the character and he himself, distanced from the scenery around him. I really liked the second half.....I'm off to watch it again!

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