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    I’m looking to buy a camera to make short films. Obviously they’ll be amateur films so I don’t need absolute perfection but I still want a very good quality image.

    So then, I’m wondering what you can tell me about lower-end digital video cameras. I’d like a relatively small one, but I don’t think I want a typical ‘family camcorder’, unless you tell me they’re better than I might expect, that is. Or will I be forced to get something like this because the price gap between these and professional cameras is so huge?

    Also, how do cameras connect to computers? Does it vary? I’ll want to edit the videos on a PC, not Mac, so are there some cameras that I should avoid because they won’t be compatible with a pc or do all cameras use the same connection which both pc and Macs have?

    I suppose I’ll want to acquire a boom mic at some point too. Are these only compatible with those big high-end professional cameras? Again, any type of connection I need to make sure my camera has?

    Thanks for any help you may give.

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    You get a few diffrent responses b/c taste differs... but heres my take..

    The price of HDV/DV camaras have come down so that might be a better option over SD.. Look for one that has a external mic input.. onboard/internal mic's are crap.. You're best choice for capture to you're pc is firewire.. USB if you have no other choice.. but look for firewire... as far as software goes.. get one of the bigger NLE's like adobe or sony Vegas.. you can get the lower end elements / studio versions for avout $100.. then when you out grow it up grade to the full versions at a discount.. and download the trials first to see what you like.. I hope that helps some.. good luck.. and welcome to the forum.

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