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Thread: Upgrade Pixela Image Mixer 1.1 or Better Altrnative

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    Default Upgrade Pixela Image Mixer 1.1 or Better Altrnative

    Hi All
    Have JVC GR-DX300ag digital video camera which came with Pixela Image Mixer 1.1.This will only burn CD, as from previous thread I purchased a NEC DVD Burner with Nero 6. Image mixer can be upgraded to burn DVD for about 30 but a guy I work with is not at all impressed with his Image mixer software that came with his video camera can you give any thoughts on this.Sorry if I am repeating a bit but am completly confused on what to do next.

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    I must confess that I am not overly impressed with the Pixela Image thing. Its main problem is that it is only suitable for VCDs or short WEB movies. If you intended output medium is to be DVD then look at some of budget editing offerings. There are plenty about and young Marc has included links to most of the popular ones in another post.

    Try any of the trial versions and see which is best suited to your needs.
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