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Thread: JVC GR-D728 MiniDV DV in ?

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    Default JVC GR-D728 MiniDV DV in ?


    I am looking for a MiniDv camcorder that has DV-in.

    I am aware not all camcorders in the UK have this but Sony & JVC seem to have more models than most.

    I have come across the JVC GR-D728 MiniDV and was wondering if anyone new if it could accept dv-in and there for except recording back to tape or somewhere where I can find the information.

    I am quite good at googleing but I can not find the full spec for this camcorder anywhere even JVC's website does not offer any info.

    The retailer I am thinking of getting it from thinks it does but won't commit and I have spoken to a very polite chap at JVC who told me that no camcorders ever except DV. Obviously he was in the uti tasking department that does not go too deeply into these things.

    Hopefully someone here will know and thanks for all those who took the time to read my question.

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    Personally I would boycott that shop and jvc looking at what you say above - they all sound well flakey.

    DV in gets disabled on many uk camcorders cos of industry pressure - I think it was some bloody copyright panic - a pox on that lot.

    I cant help specifically but they are out there. Many camcorders can have it switched back on with a widget you plug in to the camera - I did this once and it worked.

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    Thanks Mark for the reply.

    I know what you mean you do expect those hoping to financially profit from the camera to be able to tell you what it does.

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    Just in case it helps anyone out, I did contact a number of other stores selling this camcorder and non of them knew or never got back to me.

    Oh those happy days when every store was a local one full of knowledgeable experts who could answer your questions on site.

    Anyway I went to my local independent and purchased a
    SONY DCR-HC62 MINIDV HANDYCAM with a decent discount at certainly a lot less than the 1,200 my current panasonic cost in 2000.

    For the record the JVC in question does not have DV-in.


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