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    Question Help With Camtasia

    I need help from someone who is an expert with Camtasia Studio v5. Help with any of the below points will be much appreciated

    I am trying to record a screen capture video and produce it in the desired format but I have quite a few questions which need answering.

    1. What versions of Adobe Flash (and related tools) should I have

    2. How do I ensure that my web visitors are most likely to be able to view my video without any problems and not show any Flash errors

    3. How do I ensure there won't be any problems with thousands of people viewing the video at the same time? Any advice on setting up with

    4. I need you to work with me. I will record a short sample video and you can tell me where I've gone wrong.
    I can also record the Camtasia Studio options I'm choosing.

    5. Recording setting required + Production setting required. Recommended screen resolutions.

    6. After recording and producing a video, how do I load it back into Camtasia so I can try producing it again with different settings? (when I try and import it, it forces the screen resolution to be reduced.) Where is the file stored?

    7. How do I stop the timeline being shown on the produced video? I do not want my visitor to be able to control the playback or see how much time is left to play.

    For example see:


    (I'm not sure if this is done in Camtasia but this is similar to how I want to show it)

    8. How can I set it up so I can show both powerpoint slides + screen capture in the same video?

    9. How can I show text above the video? Again like in


    10. Which option should I be choosing: One Video, Express video or Legacy SWF? The only one which seems to allow "no playback controls" as an option is the legacy option.
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    Your having a laugh - Right?

    This is obviously a wind up or sell scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchuk View Post
    Your having a laugh - Right?

    This is obviously a wind up or sell scheme.
    No I'm not having a laugh actually, I need some help so I posted, why do you think I'm having a laugh??

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    I can't help but wonder from your post as to whether or not you have familiarized yourself with a little known feature of Camtasia known as "the Manual."

    Also, considering a huge number of video instructions at the actual Camtasia website I wonder if you might want to look there for a little initial guidance.

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