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Thread: Sony DCR-SR35 - Audio problem - Vegas

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    Lately I was in Barcelona on holiday, and took my friends camera with me.
    When I came home I decided to try to edit all the footage and make a movie of it

    So I plugged the camera tot he computer with an USB cabel and tried.
    Then I found out the files were mpeg files, something that was different to me as ive always used DV tapes and not discs like now.

    So I tried to add clips in vegas, and it worked. But there was an issue, I didnt get any sound? Then i tried to add same footage to Windows Movie maker, that got me audio and picture.

    So im wondering what to do to get audio in Vegas? Anyone who knows?

    Thanks in advance, Hakon.

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    You don't say exactly what type of camcorder it is but given the files are MPEG2 there is the greater likelihood that the sound is Dolby (AC3).

    You problem is usually reported in reverse! WILL play in Vegas and WONT play in WMM!

    Does the copy of Vegas you have also have a license for the Dolby codec? If it is a limited or stripped down version this may be the source of the probelm.

    Strangely WMM seems to have picked up a Dolby codec in your system and is using it...that's good really!

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    yeah it is DOlby. And it works normal in Movie maker, but wont show up in Vegas.

    What I was thinkin was, what if I render the sound from movie maker and just add to vegas after? Will that reduce the quality of the sound or something??

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    Just keep it in the highest quality you can.

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