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Thread: Consumer cameras with Mic inputs.

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    Default Consumer cameras with Mic inputs.

    Can be hard to find and an external mic is essential for many films.

    If you have one or come across one post it here.

    Perhaps also mention the jack and if it has manual sound control.

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    What price range are you looking at? And are you wanting one that is available in the shops, or second hand?

    The Canon HV20/30 have mic inputs, and are HD...

    A few more...

    Canon ZR800, ZR900, ZR930

    Canon Optura 60

    I believe the Panasonic PV-GS's have mic inputs, too.

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    I'm looking to buy this one: Canon MD235 Mini DV Camcorder

    Says you can add external mike

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    Thanks to both.
    I was thinking of anything below ' prosumer' as thay all have mic inputs. Say anything less than 2000ish.

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    Default $170 camera with Mic input

    Kodak Zi8 is about $170 and has a microphone input jack and limited audio level control with basic meter display

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    Panasonic SD700 has an external mic jack and a really nice Leica lens. Think that's about 650. you can add lenses and filters to that as well.

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    Default Canon HF S200 external microphone

    I bought the Canon HF S200 sepcifically because it has the external microphone socket.

    It was around 700 and I really expected better from Canon to be honest. The camera is great but I have spent two months trying to find a good audio solution. The bottom line is that there isn't a good solution if you want clear well defined audio. This camera (and I assume all of the Canon consumer camcorders) are simply not designed to give you professional sounding quality audio. I put several different lavalier microphones through the camera within Canon's suggested impedence range and they all sounded tinny.

    I had many many exchanges with Canon regarding this and they gave no solution of what to use with the external mic socket.

    So beware... assuming that you'll get good audio out of a consumer camcorder may be false economy if you actually want good sound.


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    salfordonline, good post, but you omitted the Pana700 also has a headphone skt - essential to be sure the mic is OK before you record and essential 'afterwards' to avoid red face next day.

    Canon mic. I'm surprised by Canon support, if it's as you say. (er, how old is this model? =- and how are you listening to the "tinny sound"? ). Also, is it possible the Mic-input has been damaged?
    - It's just possible those mics ARE tinny - can't blame camera for that....but have you tried to record a "known sound-source"..?
    I'm thinking CD - but you need to know what yr doing - and I suspect you haven't spoken to the right person at Canon - after all they put that skt. there and "presumably" used to offer a suitable mic.
    + The "known source" would confirm the (camera) recording is full-frequency and without that NO mic. will sound right.
    However, before you do anything you need to check that skt.'s sensitivity - probably 10-100mV and make the necessary adaptor to take music direct from a cd player.
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    I have a camera with NO external mic input.
    Can I get good lip sync with software? (Eg, sync both sound channels after filming in an editor and just bin (or merge) the camera mic input?
    Ccamera is stereo, ext mic is mono.

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