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Thread: 3D Stereo Musical

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    Default 3D Stereo Musical

    Villains singing!!!!

    More 3D and 2D episodes at:

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    I was intrigued but the vocals are very difficult to understand at times. Might also want to cut the credits down as well as having numerous job roles all with your name makes it seem slightly narcissistic!
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    Thx for your comment!
    The credits were made long to look like a joke (1/3 of the episode is credits?!?!). The audio has been a long battle, if you know audiophile freak, the email is

    All criticism is welcome.

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    That was pretty good, like said before the audio was hard to make out at times.. but over all a good effort

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    Thanks for your comment. I've just got some valuables tips on EQ'ing and frequencies. If I apply this newfound knowledge properly, the next episode will be completely audible!


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