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Thread: "1/356" (2004) cinematographic impression

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    Default "1/356" (2004) cinematographic impression

    Here's another older work of mine. Short visual impression about one day in Warsaw.

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    that was really cool, i really enjoyed it.
    it could be that ive been smokin and drinking, but it came off, more so in the first minute as a very trippy film, i love the use of the sound samples which added to that effect.
    the only thing i think would have made it better was if the soundtrack was pink floyd.
    the soundtrack was cool, and im increasingly learning about the reality of using well known music in a video, however amatur the video may be,
    but i thought the time the sound track best fitted the video was the morning scene with the train

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nero View Post
    im increasingly learning about the reality of using well known music in a video, however amatur the video may be,
    I hope you're also learning about the legality of so doing, as well
    And Miles Davis is hardly unknown!

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    I enjoyed watching your video aswell, at first I thought it was going be sort of Matrixesque, is that you wearing the sunglasses? You did a good job on showing the hustle and bustle of a busy city both by day and night, a few more shots of scenery would have been nice as I think you spent too long on some shots. Personally I wouldn't use well known pieces of music as the audience tends to focus on the tune rather than the narrative. For some strange reason I was expecting a large Monty Python style foot to come down out of the sky at the end and squash the guy, but maybe the ending could have been a bit stronger. There wasn't a pay off at the end where you go...oh, now I get this guy, this is what he is all about. If advertisers can tell a story in a 30 second ad with a pay off at the end then you should be able to do it in 3 minutes. We need to find out more about this character, use him in your next video(s) but give him some depth, a backstory and maybe a 'purpose'?

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