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Thread: "The Hole" (2007) - satirical short

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    Default "The Hole" (2007) - satirical short

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here. Here one of my better works. It's political satire about polish reality so I don't think you'll catch the jokes, clues etc but you may say something about visual side of this.

    Shot 100% on greenscreen with an old Panasonic GS400, compositing done with Photoshop and After Effects.

    Enjoy (I hope)

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    I really enjoyed this. Whilst some of the humour was lost on me, some is also universal (the "press 1 for this, 2 for that" and the drunks moaning about the weather, for example)
    I liked the colour treatment and it was imaginitively enough used so it didn't become tedious. Another trick I liked was the "stuttering" of people walking past the palace whilst the falgs continued in smooth motion.

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